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    Gallowsnovel 《Unrivaled Medicine God》 – Chapter 2266 – Bullying the Divine Race for Having No One! violet smash -p2

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    Novel – Unrivaled Medicine God – Unrivaled Medicine God

    Chapter 2266 – Bullying the Divine Race for Having No One! consist windy

    Was Ye Yuan’s alchemy durability really more formidable than others Eight-marks powerhouses inside the clan?

    Ru Feng mentioned using a cold laugh, “Ignorant and impudent! This outdated man will allow you to perish wholeheartedly persuaded! Kong Ming, you bring this son to be satisfy that individual, I’ll take Divine Child to travel purify the poison!”

    Ru Feng waved his fretting hand and explained, “Doesn’t subject any longer. In either case, he’s already a lifeless guy! Are available, go with me to detoxify the poison.”

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    Ye Yuan said coolly, “That’s not your responsibility!”

    The divine competition was incomparably pleased and completely did not put other competitions with their attractions.

    Ye Yuan reported having a disdainful search, “I’ll give you a opportunity. You carry Rong Xiyue to move and detoxify the poison, and I’ll go and satisfy Ning Tianping. Whenever you can resolve Rong Xiyue’s poison, what is the damage in me and Ning Tianping keeping yourself listed here?”

    As a result, people he named over ended up all of the Undetectable Clan’s alchemy bigshots.

    Possessing many people appear was merely looking for subconscious convenience.

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    For Ye Yuan to dare have her, it showed that he was very positive about this poison.

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    Ye Yuan viciously dealt a slap looking at a small grouping of divine competition Eight-marks Divine Dao Realm powerhouses.

    Ye Yuan mentioned coolly, “That’s not your decision!”

    But the ultimate end result was exactly the same.

    A blatant deal with slapping!

    How could the poison that this kind of alchemy skilled enhanced be easy to settle?

    Ye Yuan said which has a disdainful start looking, “I’ll give you a prospect. You deliver Rong Xiyue to be and detox the poison, and I’ll go and connect with Ning Tianping. Provided you can take care of Rong Xiyue’s poison, what is the damage in me and Ning Tianping keeping yourself right here?”

    Moreover, he had even fought with divine competition powerhouses well before.

    Though Ye Yuan viewed as all the things and everyone beneath his discover, his toughness was inserted there, Ru Feng really did not dare to underestimate.

    Ru Feng waved his palm and said, “Doesn’t matter anymore. In any event, he’s already a old man! Arrive, select me to detox the poison.”

    Right after conversing, Ru Feng brought Rong Xiyue and delivered into the clan.


    Ru Feng nodded his brain and may only wait around for Zhao Cheng’s medical diagnosis.

    It had been where the Concealed Clan’s alchemy way powerhouses normally studied medicinal supplements.

    … …

    These days, there had been a our which they looked upon who jumped a serious world and conquered a divine competition leader.

    Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

    Let alone that what he said was the reality.

    The mood from the around masses also has become more and more stressed in addition to his brows.

    Ru Feng explained in a very chilly sound, “No way! Just how can my Invisible Clan’s sacred property be blasphemed on your part, a human?”

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    Last but not least, it converted into a lengthy sigh and he shook his travel and stated, “This poison, this aged gentleman can’t overcome it!”

    Rong Xiyue considered Ye Yuan rather surprisedly, not understanding why he would suddenly use a good alternation in personality.

    Showing contempt!

    How exalted was Ru Feng’s reputation? When obtained he been compared by people today similar to this before?

    Ru Feng was angered until his beard billowed, and then he glared because he claimed furiously, “Brat, do not think as well highly of your own self! Could it be that you really imagine my divine race doesn’t have alchemists?”

    That old man nodded slightly and mentioned with disdain, “Leave it for me! A individual Empyrean World kid, what highly effective poison can he polish? Next Elder, I feel that you could go and carryout that punk right this moment! I listened to that that punk was very arrogant.”

    “How could it be? How can it be?” Lin Yu repeatedly shook his top of your head and reported.

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    But this time, there seemed to be a man which they searched upon who jumped a significant kingdom and defeated a divine competition powerhouse.

    Not to mention that what he stated was the simple truth.