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    Jellynovel CrippledSword – Chapter 206 Yuan’s Three Music Notes appreciate behave suggest-p2

    Novel – Cultivation Online –Cultivation Online

    Chapter 206 Yuan’s Three Music Notes spotless offend

    Ability to hear her reaction, Melody Ling’er carried on to ask, “How will you usually apply?”

    To her big surprise, and absolutely everyone there, Melody Ling’er experienced required her a subject rather then delivering her verdict.

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    “Thanks, Older person Song!” Fei Yuyan bowed to her.

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    A handful of secs afterwards, Elder Jing said, “While this is my new finding you participate in the zither, We have no qualms claiming that you’re as talented as Ai Wan and Wei Kang immediately after enjoying those three songs remarks by itself. Fifteen tips from me at the same time, and I am ecstatic to find out what else you will have in store for all of us afterwards.”

    “What kind of nonsense is that? Mature Fairy Song is the biggest zither expert from the Reduce Heavens! As though another person in this position could conquer her in a 1-on-1 zither conflict!”

    A person within the group suddenly shouted inside of a surprised tone of voice, dumbfounding individuals around him.

    Tune Ling’er’s eye brows twitched uncontrollably following hearing the crowd’s interaction, yet still there were practically nothing she could say over it.

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    ‘Oh boy…’ Mature Zou sighed inwardly, wanting to know what’s going to take place considering that they’ve finally gotten to this unidentified prodigy who could beat even Music Ling’er in the a single-on-one combat.

    “What an oddball. He’s perhaps the only individual dressed in a face mask there.”

    “Whoa! She actually received nine details from Older person Fairy Melody! Can this really mean Older Fairy Piece of music understands Fairy Fei’s skills to always be comparable to her own disciples?”

    A number of occasions later, all people during the target audience changed to think about the subsequent partic.i.p.ant— a somewhat toned shape dressed in a dark jade cover up on his face.

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    “I mastered to relax and play the zither by myself since it was only a pastime at the beginning, Older person Melody.”

    Seeing and hearing her answer, Tune Ling’er persisted to inquire, “How can you usually exercise?”

    The judges’ sight increased with great shock after they noticed what was happening.

    ‘Oh boy…’ Older Zou sighed inwardly, questioning what’s going to take place considering that they’ve finally hit this mysterious prodigy who could overcome even Tune Ling’er within a 1-on-a single battle.

    The Divine Martial Stars

    “I don’t possess any specific process regimens, and I only training by enjoying the zither normally— a couple of hours every week. On the other hand, I actually have modified items up very recently by exercising with my spouse, who may have offered a great deal to my advancements.” Fei Yuyan revealed.

    “Seriously! She actually gained nine details from Older Fairy Music! Would this mean Senior citizen Fairy Song identifies Fairy Fei’s skills to be much like her own disciples?”

    *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

    Hearing her reply, Song Ling’er ongoing to ask, “How will you usually apply?”

    The judges’ sight widened with surprise when they recognized that which was transpiring.

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    “If her partner doesn’t pull her decrease, there’s a high probability that her staff can become very best 10— even top three!”

    Several moments soon after Fei Yuyan played out her three music and songs notices, Senior citizen Zou suddenly started off clapping his hands, in which he spoke inside of a praising tone of voice, “I don’t know where to begin, Disciple Fei. I have got experienced your speed and agility in the earlier compet.i.tion, and in case I needed listened to your speed and agility just now while blindfolded, I would personally have never guessed that it really was you playing the zither.”

    To her amaze, along with all people there, Piece of music Ling’er obtained asked her a matter as opposed to presenting her verdict.

    From a second of silence, Piece of music Ling’er spoke, “You… Where do you learn to play the zither?”

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    The White Gauntlet

    “I appreciate you for your praises, Mature Zou.” Fei Yuyan withstood up and bowed to him.

    Yuan nodded his head and proceeded to set his palms gently in the string without actually coming in contact with the strings.

    A handful of just a few seconds afterwards, Elder Jing explained, “Although this is my first time finding you take part in the zither, We have no qualms proclaiming that you’re as talented as Ai Wan and Wei Kang just after paying attention to those three songs remarks by itself. 10 tips from me at the same time, and i also am fired up to find out what else you have available for people later.”

    “Thank you for your praises, Senior citizen Zou.” Fei Yuyan withstood up and bowed to him.

    ‘Oh boy…’ Senior citizen Zou sighed inwardly, questioning what’s going to happen ever since they’ve finally attained this undiscovered prodigy who could conquer even Piece of music Ling’er in the one particular-on-an individual combat.

    In the meantime, Ai Wan and Wei Kang converted to view Fei Yuyan with narrowed eyes, asking yourself if she was anyone Track Ling’er was writing about when she warned them of the ‘exceptional’ guru that will be from the compet.i.tion.

    “T-This is…”

    ‘This girl… she’s managed to access this sort of advanced level of zither disciplines without a good become an expert in? And she’s also through the Dragon Essence Temple? What makes there numerous accomplished performers within the Dragon Heart and soul Temple every time they don’t belong there at all?!?!’ Song Ling’er cried inwardly just after realizing that Fei Yuyan was mostly another master with skills similar or even even greater than her latest disciples, and her envy towards the Dragon Substance Temple elevated even more.

    “Thanks a lot, Mature Tune!” Fei Yuyan bowed to her.

    When the market read this songs notice, their eye immediately widened with big surprise, because they could somehow start to see the picture of a tremendously beautiful plant area facing them.

    “What an oddball. He’s the only person using a cover up there.”

    “His music and songs note was intense that it’d built an impression for anybody that read it! This degree of zither fine art is merely legendary! And as much as my know-how runs, only Zither G.o.ddess has been able to make this phenomenon right before, and he’d maintained to make this happen same trend using only an average zither!” Elderly Zou unconsciously stood on the platform and stared at Yuan by using a gawking search on his confront.

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    “What an oddball. He’s even the only person sporting a mask there.”